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Web-based 3D Virtual Store | 3D & AR-enabled Product Demos | e-Com Integrated Platform | Splendid Analytics with Lead Tracking

People were doing business with one another through the Internet already. But at Virtual Store, we make it interactive, build engagement, and create a real marketplace. And that’s really what triggers the imagination. Virtual Store is not any online store, it’s an online retail space which interacts with customers providing them with solutions, in their own space.

The portal is integrated with e-Commerce so that customers can not only see but buy products too. No need to move out, stay updated while at home, make purchases in your cosmos, feel at store, see the product 360 degrees, avail the best offers: Be a Smart Buyer! Virtual Store welcomes anyone & everyone in the retail business to be a part of this futuristic platform where Actual Sales happen.

Virtual Store is as much of an art as it is a science in finding the most captivating and efficient ways to create a great customer experience and drive in-store sales. Ambience is one of the factors that revolves around creating an atmosphere in your store that is most likely to drive sales. It's highly dependent on a customer's senses - so there are lots of ways store ambience can be manipulated and managed. And Virtual Store has well studied this feature as an important psychological factor in making buying decisions.

Think of the 360-view as a crystal ball. When you look inside you can see the past, present, and future of a customer’s relationship with your brand. You can see their history and find meaningful and easily digested facts about the consumer. Product/service activity, Interaction history across all channels, Recent product views, Campaign activity, Process history – all is well tracked at Virtual Store to help you design your next consumer campaign as per say.

The more comprehensive a data collection process is, the more fine-tuned persona planning will be. Behavioral information, in addition to demographic knowledge, is vital for discovering broad trends and user response. What more do you think is required for soaring sales!

From new opportunities for product personalization to multi-sensory shopping environments to interactive brand experiences, Virtual Store shares an immersive brand-customer relation & experience.