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Did we say too much in the title? May be. But don’t we all go through this; almost everyday?

Is there any rule to handle the work pressure? Does anyone here know how to meet the deadline, ask the boss to raise the salary, & who gives the financial security? Or do we have to gain that too?? Phewwww!!

Too much to know in this small life. What is this race for? Whom are we competing with? Do we really want to prove it to someone or is that the ego that demands satisfaction?

Well, we can hear different answers but understand one thing out of these. Each one of us want to be successful, climb the stairs of Victory; but not one at a time instead all at one time. Like you, we too have dreams, aspirations, we too want to achieve all that others have, infact much more than them. But we know one thing, all these demand passion, determination & most importantly, patience. To remind you all, most of us will end up being mediocre in life, never achieving what our friends have, what we have desired for; not because we are not hard working, but because we don’t give time to things. Don’t be in rush. Enjoy each moment of life. Never over-look what you have. For believe us, there is so much you have that others die for.

It is neither the work pressure nor the deadline that kills us, it is the non-competent attitude that stresses us. The lack of will, dying attitude, freaks us & we end up delivering either nothing or rubbish. If this gravity is taken otherwise then think of the outcome? Start taking these challenges as never before & see the difference. Again, I warn you to not demand anything overnight; wait, trust, keep giving your best every time, & no sooner you will start getting the fruits of the seeds sown.

So my dear friends, the crux of this long written blog is to not freak out ever in life. Life is beautiful, it demands appreciation for what it has given. At the same time, it needs rest too. Take it easy, deep breathe & accept what comes your way, at the same time fighting to get what you have aspired for. Life is too short to cry over spilled milk.

Journey may not be desired, will never be contended but it definitely will be worth giving another shot each time we fall down.