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What is Today may not be Tomorrow


Tough days don’t last long. Remember, rosy days aren’t permanent too. Today’s assets may be tomorrow’s debts!!

Hey!! I know you all know us. Yes, we are an event management company well known for our work, delivery, punctuality, perfect cost, management, desired property and all. Many reputed corporates approach us and are with us for so many years now because of our attributes only. But there are many times when we too go wrong. Well, I have a story to narrate.

An event came our way and we really had a tough time. Things went tipsy – topsy at the last moment. All was well – planned; data, manpower, placement, equipment and give away. The team was all excited, charged up, ready to execute the plan. Suddenly a phone call and the things started to fall apart. “The date of the event has been preponed by a day. Instead of day after tomorrow, it is now tomorrow”, said the client. And we were all startled. The client rejected five of the fifteen models at the last moment. Calling the vendors, photographers, looking for new models, their size, getting new dresses ready as per the new size, foot wears and Uffffff!!!! In few hours left, all we could manage were the models.

Continuous calls were made to different departments regarding the shift in date and timings. Each one of us tried our best to put the things in order, or at least closer to being in order. None slept for the whole night, the gates were made ready in the night at four venues to lessen the last minute hassle. But destiny further surprised us in the morning. The gates were stolen! Great! Now one after the other, things only slipped from our hands. Models reached late, dresses and accessories were not delivered on time, printer was missing at some venue; and the clients were yelling at us from all over.

Finally the day ended. We managed to clear as much we had thrown up. The post party we planned was nowhere in the scene. We were exhausted and ready for much more hassles to come our way in the form of cost, questions, management and what not.

And another phone call, “Our Company is conducting an event next week. Are you guys free?” And the same cheer could be heard once again, charged up with inexorable energy.

A lesson learnt hard way. Expect the unexpected at any time of the day at any event. Be on your toes if you are a part of this industry.