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When We Talk About Creativity…


Do you have ideas but you are not acting on them? Then, you may be imaginative but definitely not creative.

“What could we do differently to create a little ‘tall poppy’ syndrome for our clients’ events?” Think, think, think…Idea!! But will it work? No…I should think something else.

Strange!! Without even working on it you have come to a conclusion that it will not work. This is the murder of creativity. Success does not depend on our thinking but on its implementation.

Creativity is all about turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It involves thinking, and then producing. It is not just associated with design and décor. It is extended to budgeting, i.e., partnering clients’ events together to share costs and maximizing experiences or conveying a message to create awareness about a product, service or company

From complex problems through to design, event concepts, ideas for content delivery, presentation formats, deciding the best possible use of a selected venue space can all be well taken care only if we dare to do what different we think.

You don’t necessarily need to think out of the box every time, what’s important is how you execute a plan. Sometimes a cliché idea does wonders and an exclusive plan flops to death. It’s all about how you bring your dream idea to existence. Our strong positive mental attitude always create more miracles than any wonder drug.

Remember if you want people to remember your brand and your event; a creative approach and creative delivery is the key. So fly high in the sky with the creative wings God has blessed you with.