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Hi! I am a Copy Writer. Yes, I need constant inspiration to write. Ideas don’t jump in the mind. There are times when I am as blank as a blank page.

I know I am expected to be ready with the content at the call of the boss. But boss needs to understand that my brain too goes on rest, sometimes on weekdays too. Well, that’s the irony every writer faces. Cool, smart, intelligent, word players…yes, we agree we are. But we too have our limitations. Sometimes no idea even hovers near us, creativity goes to sleep, brain is inactive.

But don’t you think that’s where the beauty lies too. Beauty of our profession! Waking up the sleeping mind, challenging the ideas when they don’t want to come near us( as if we haven’t taken a shower today), fumbling with words, and finally coming up with something that might just goes into the dustbin. Huh!!

Despite of all this chaos, I love my profession as it allows me to be myself, to vent out my woes, to bring my imagination to reality, to take revenge from my boss by screwing his brain by not delivering what he expects. But indeed a smart man who knows how to wake up a sleeping moron; giving a deadline, showing the work of other writers, telling why they are praise worthy. And trust me, in no time does that lazy, crouching writer inside me wakes up.

Suddenly that envious me delivers the best write – up. And then a life within me gets alive hearing, Awesome!, This is it!, Good to go!...from my boss. This is how he pays off my hard work; praising my work whole – heartedly, telling me why I am here working with him. A lifeless soul again gears up with endless fountain of ideas overflowing looking for a pen and a paper. Once again my heart pounds to hear those words from him. Unimaginable! Isn’t it?

This is the story of every writer. One of you may be reading this blog and agree (that’s what my imagination suggests, at least).