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How to save your future from the addiction called Sycophancy!


There’s a special place for Robots in Hell. Smart, quasi-autonomous humanoids are replacing humans in workplaces all over the world. They are expensive mean machines. They delete the word ‘No’ from their Dictionaries, they laugh on every single joke of their Masters, they share information, secrets and issues with them, and they certainly complain less.

They can be anywhere, they sometimes look like your team members, your colleagues, your peon or even your Boss. Earning a comfort zone is not bad, asking for one, is a sin. Probably your Boss, Dept. Head, colleague or Admin Head would save your a** every time, but this would make your Future addictive of such behavior. People start taking you for granted, blame it to the Human nature, but people may start confusing your ‘Performance Driven Success’ with “Favoritism Driven Appreciation’. Your Clients will start stretching the Delivery list and shrink the Deadlines. Your Boss will lose fear of losing your expertise and even existence in the company and your colleagues will start avoiding your presence from meetings, discussions and decisions.

To participate in casual chat with your Boss is a matter of chance, but to open your submissive self for him or her to practice the acts of Domination is a matter of choice. To meet the deadlines of your clients is one thing but to confuse deadlines with Lap Records is another. To never say ‘No’ to people is one thing, but to always Agree with their opinions and decisions is another.

It’s never too late to keep this addiction at bay, it’s not always bad to say ‘No’, and it’s not always required to agree with everyone. Be a Player, not a Game.