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You don’t shake Thumbs Better start shaking Hands


From Social Media to the Media that involves Society

A Like button is not the final fantasy of a brand, it’s a gesture that turns into a Gimmick the moment we start ignoring analytics. Sometimes we wonder how come a gentleman from Nigeria is interested in a brand that supplies Milk Products in Delhi NCR. Blame it to the Cover Image or the real Image your Digital Agency is trying to cover. Decoding Big Data is not about jumping from 100 Likes to 10000 Likes in a week, it’s about translating the prospects into Partners of success. Fast and Furious is movie title, not the name of file that contains your brand’s Digital Marketing guidelines. If things are going too ‘Fast’, the gap between the impact and expectation will leave everyone sitting inside the AC cabins quite ‘Furious’.

The transition is what differentiates a Fan Page from a Brand Page, your customers should be handpicked from the data, their desires and expectations should be satisfied with result oriented communication and engagement. One information hungry prospect is not just an opportunity; it’s also a threat that can provoke many others for Brand Boycott, digitally. A Brand is also a consumer, it pays Experience to the Audience and expects to receive Goodwill in return.

Make sure your Hand is open, because you can only see the number of Thumbs Up on your page, not the number of Thumbs Down for your Brand.