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How to Host a Dinner Party, Online ?


BTL and Digital : The fall of Marketing Monopolies and the rise of Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Don’t even dare ask us about the venue, it’s located somewhere amidst the weblinks. Go check the social media listings, ask the community managers or simply visit the microsite. But unfortunately tasting the desserts always require spoons, not keyboards.

Long gone are the days of marketing monarchy, mAdmen are coming to senses, thumbs up are not helping, online event fan pages have more crowd than the audience. Raising the online ad budgets cannot guarantee the presence of the audience that will raise their hands to ask questions at the event itself. Monoculars are out of fashion, why to restrict your vision to only one eye when you can get a better view with Binoculars. Digital and BTL are not enemies, they are allies. Calling BTL unnecessary is as ‘intelligent’ as calling Jungle a wasteland. It’s a necessary evil, ignore it and try to sell perfumes online, you’ll understand the reason why.

But that doesn’t make BTL or experiential marketing the Invincible God, ignoring Digital Media is like playing Chinese whisper in the age of wireless communication. Infinity is where the whistle blows in Digital Media, just add the spark of conversation, and watch the message catching fire in no time.

There’s no doubt that online marketing platforms straddle the old marketing divide. But valuable lessons learned over many years around above and below the line marketing are still relevant today. The media has changed but perhaps your messages, no matter how you send them, should sit firmly in between the lines.

Marketing success is like having babies, and unfortunately one cannot make babies alone, you need a partner, the better half.