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"An agency that doesn’t believe in following lines as that’s not our style."


Hey Reader, Do you also sometimes wonder why these organizations always talk about how successful they have become and make us feel where did we go wrong? Well, we get it, we have been there too… And if you are reading this we are pretty sure you may not be much interested in knowing what all we have achieved. Worry not! Because we are definitely not here to brag either b-b-but we have such an incredibly hardworking and amazing team that we can’t and we shouldn’t stop ourselves from celebrating our team!

So, Dearest Reader! Let’s take a moment and raise a toast to the great team of Concepts and Solutions. Cheers to 13 years of togetherness and all the hardships we have been through especially in the most difficult time of COVID-19.

Do you know what makes an organization grow consistently? No? Well, Neither did we know until now. If we share our experience, we must say for us,  it has always been about the letter ‘C’, Curiosity, and Creativity of a team that doesn’t believe in sitting back and going with the flow perhaps is focused on creating ways.

Our Story: Since Day 1 Concepts and Solutions A.K.A Creative Garage was started in the year 2009 with a perspective of providing flexible and creative concepts as well as solutions to clients.

Concepts and Solutions is an experiential agency born out of Curiosity, but the catch here is the continuity of the company’s will to create marvelous experiences that last a lifetime for organizations. Throughout this journey of 13 years, as an experiential agency C&S has been thriving on creativity, culture, and cult. The togetherness and willpower of the team are the motivation behind the cohesion of the company and are holding up tight the sphere of the services and solutions like an atlas.

Each achievement is everyone’s achievement:

Concepts and Solutions is honored to announce that the agency has completed 13 years of providing Events, Conferences, Offsites, Brand Activations, Exhibitions, and CRM Programs in the event industry.  We here strongly believe that a company’s consistent learning, growth, prosperity, and productivity are completely dependent on the entire team of Concepts and Solutions. As an experiential agency, it focuses on providing creative solutions to organizations and at the same time making sure that the team gets to learn something new every day keeping both the company’s and individual team members’ growth consistent. It is a delightful celebration for all who have been a part of the organization through all these years.

A great team makes everything possible.

The agency is now growing more than we had ever imagined with the support of our team. The journey has been spectacular with crazy ups and downs and we wouldn’t trade all the learning for anything in life. It gives us incredible pride to see various brands across the nation connect with Concepts and Solutions to experience great events while creating memories worth remembering.

Where there is creativity and curiosity there is an agency making sure everything is on point.

As we all are well aware of the fact that the world has changed a great deal in the past 13 years, we all have learned a lot and unlearned a lot more but what has remained consistent throughout is ‘Experiences’, good or bad, as the human race can never stop experiencing new things. Moreover, We all tend to forget people, spellings, and sometimes passwords whereas we all always remember what we experienced and how we felt in the moments that mattered the most to us. Therefore, we take pride in making every event of your life worth it, and perhaps this is why a milestone like being around for 13 years has snuck upon us so quickly and evolved into something much more than being just an event agency.

Shoutout time!

Last but not least! A big shoutout to our clients who believed in us and helped us meet the challenges. No doubt their support made our footprints grow throughout the nation. We very well understand that the event industry has been growing. “In today’s world brands and organizations do not just look for an event planner or an organizer rather they look for an agency that can create experiences”, says Mr. Mohak Mulwani and we can’t agree more.

Here’s to 13 on 13, TERA, apparently number 13 ain’t as bad as people make us think it is :)

Dearest reader, Toodles!