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It is all about creating a reliable customer experience. After all, it is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.

Virtual Store is set to completely transform the shopping experience and change the market. The promise of something new and innovative is already appealing. It lets audiences adhere to aspects of modernity in an era where technology dominates. The idea undeniably has a promising future in the world of retail. It lets your customers engage with your brand and products in a whole new way.

Hence, today we will talk about its Franchise model. The greatest strength of franchising is its ability to bring independent retailers together using a single trademark and business concept. The benefits of this affiliation are many: brand awareness, uniformity in meeting customer expectations, the power of pooled advertising and the efficiencies of group purchasing.

We create a Virtual Store for a brand and can provide different retailer logins for the brand’s partners. This leaves the brand in a win-win situation of having the store and sales online without any expense. Taking the retail store online gives propelling boost to the business and makes it exponentially grow. Not to forget, Virtual Store is a marketing-driven sales platform that works 24X7 and supports or actually plays a direct role in selling. At Virtual Store, the retailers have limited risk and liability as it is extended support by the brand. Here, customers are not only loyal to brands but also to retailers and this is extended support to their loyal customers. Most importantly, all customers’ leads related to the store are automatically directed to the retailer.

The business has only two functions – innovation and marketing. And you get both setting up with Virtual Store. Here franchise gets an option of displaying store specific offers and discounts. It also helps them measure the results of their campaigns, so they can figure out how to improve going forward.

The local management of each franchised unit is highly motivated and very effective. They treat the franchise units as their own and that usually leads to higher sales and profit levels. The franchisor reaches the target customer more effectively through co-operative advertising and promotion initiatives. The franchise is given its own dashboard to see leads/sales specific to the store and the brand has the dashboard to capture all the data. At Virtual Store, franchisors can have shared advertising both from brands and retailers. International expansion too becomes easier and faster, since the franchisee possesses the local market knowledge.

Word of mouth is an age old way of making things viral, any retailer when understands the benefits in the platform will play the vital role in letting people know about their own Virtual Store.